Friday, June 3, 2005

LAW AND SOCIETY Annual Meeting Presentations

Jayanth Krishnan of William Mitchell College of Law chairs a panel on Promoting Public Policy Through Regulation: Successes or Failures?  today Friday, June 3, 2005  at the Law and Society annual meeting in Las Vegas.  Jude Egan of Boalt Hall, University of California at Berkeley and Sarah Robinson of Harvard University are among those presenting papers.  Link: All Academic Inc..

Professor Egan critiques the Hand formula as a risk assessment measure in organizations that manage high hazard/low probability events in Institutional Stewardship as a Critique of Modern Risk Assessment: Managing Catastrophe in Highly Hazardous Organizations.

Professor Robinson
presents her paper, Regulation of Practice: Thirty Years of Regulating Fish and Fishermen in New England, discussing the impact of multiple institutions, short-term rules, and changing substantive requirements on fisheries regulation.

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