Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Helping Texas Flood Victims: Diapers for Babies (and, yes, for the elderly, too!)

I suspect many of our readers have been thinking the same thing:  "How can I help Texas residents in the wake of Hurricane Harvey?"  I was particularly struck by the images of residents of an assisted living center in Dickinson, Texas, waist deep in the flood waters.  It is frustrating to feel you have nothing to contribute as lawyers. In our official capacity, we are rarely needed as first-line responders, although certainly free and low-cost legal services can be critical in the many months to come.  

Of course, members of the legal community can and do donate needed items and money.  The challenge is sometimes how "best" to make those donations effective, especially if you want to help a specific group or population of folks. With that in mind, I was interested to hear an NPR radio report on the Texas Diaper Bank today. It was an example of a targeted program, that has been around long enough to have an established network for providing relief in Texas, and the story focused on "working to get supplies to evacuating families with young children."

I wondered, "What about seniors?"  Sure enough, when I went to the website for the Texas Diaper Bank, I learned that the nonprofit organization's mission is to address "the diaper gap and its impact on individuals in crisis," including providing "incontinence supplies" to  adults.  Cute photos of babies may be the key to recruiting volunteers and donations, but I was pleased to read that the "Bank" mission specifically includes helping "seniors" to "live healthier" through provision of "essential items, education, and more." It turns out that Texas' Diaper Bank program is part of a "National Diaper Bank Network."

So, if you aren't too embarrassed to talk about "adult diapers," here is an organization you can share with those who want to help seniors "too."  Maybe a short note with your donation is appropriate, saying you want your contribution to help seniors.  

Perhaps NPR will do a follow-up story on how the "diaper bank network" programs serve the elderly?



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