Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tips to Living Longer From Those Who Are

So if someone who has lived a long time offers you tips to living longer, would you follow those tips?  There have been a number of interviews with centenarians asking them to what they attribute their long lives.  I suspect if you research it, you will find different explanations from them, such as those in a Forbes article. (just Google, for example, "why centenarians live so long").

A recent story from Dr. John Day covers his visit to the "Longevity Village" in China where 1 of every 100 residents (out of a total of 550) is a centenarian.  In this article, Tips for a Long, Healthy Life From ‘Longevity Village’, the centenarians offer several tips for living longer: smile more, rethink what is stressful, and enjoy your accomplishments at the end of the day. Oh and don't be afraid of aging.

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