Sunday, January 22, 2017

National Guardianship Ass'n Releases Updated Agency Standards

The National Guardianship Association, NGA, released updated Standards of Practice for Agencies and Programs Providing Guardianship Services. The standards are free and can be downloaded here. Here is some information about the standards taken from an email announcing their release:

NGA's purpose in this document is to provide guidance for programs striving to provide quality guardianship services. While aspirational, the standards convey good business practice that agencies and states should consider adopting into policy or law.

NGA has defined Standards of Practice for the day-to-day provision of guardianship services. Those standards apply to all guardians whether professional guardians, volunteer guardians or family members. This document defines additional NGA standards for acceptable business practice and program design for non-family guardians who are developing or operating agencies or programs providing professional guardianship services.

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It would be great if state and local guardianship/ conservatorship associations would coordinate implementation of a uniform standard of care in conservatorships with the national associations. PFAC-PRO is the association in California where most fiduciaries are members. Our courts need better guidelines when we have experts testify to standard of care of the conservator. Mina Sirkin:

Posted by: Mina Sirkin | Jan 29, 2017 11:33:48 AM

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