Monday, July 14, 2014

The "Philadelphia Story" for Veterans' Benefits Processing

I suspect that even in this overcrowded world of news and information, many of our readers have their favorite correspondents, whose emails always provide value added.  One of my favorites along this line is Dionysios C. Pappas, Esq., better known to Pennsylvania elder law practitioners and VA specialists as Dennis. 

Today Dennis shared a "very disturbing" on-line account from the Philadelphia Inquirer about "disarray" in the Veterans' Administration center in Philadelphia, which is a regional processing center for claims.  Dennis points to the latest news of a laundry list of problems, including:


  •  “...mail bins brimming with claims dating to 2011...”


  • “...Two whistle-blowers..., described the process the same: "cooking the books."  "They're hiding the real numbers from the people and saying, 'We're catching up to the backlog,'..."But they're not. They're just hiding it."...”


  •  “...Staff "cherry picking" easy claims and processing them out of order to inflate performance...”


  •  “...Staff not addressing more than 32,000 electronic inquiries from veterans regarding the status of their claims...”


  •  “...Staff hiding mail...”


  •    “...Staff shredding military and returned mail that couldn't be delivered...”

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