Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Not Your GrandParents' Retirement Community.

Remember those retirement communities that cropped up in the sunbelt states, with age restrictions?  Today's retirement communities are not those retirement communities of the past. Instead, according to an article in the May 30, 2014 N.Y. Times, Rethinking the Traditional Retirement Community, developers have to be creative in their design and amenities

developers [must]... think more creatively about housing options for a demanding generation that has begun to reach retirement age. Instead of focusing on traditional Sun Belt retirement communities, builders are seeking to lure older people who want to remain active or continue to work. Pleasing retirement-age customers is crucial for developers. At a time when many housing markets remain stagnant, projects catering to older people rank as one of the hottest fields...

One of the trends discussed in the article is the desire of retirees to be within driving distance of families, rather than moving states away to one of the sunbelt states.  The article features the stories of a number of retirees who have moved into these newer versions of retirement communities and note that even though the communities may cater to an active population, there are still designs for the aging population.

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