Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great program to help create indexes

A few weeks ago, I needed to compile a list of words and phrases that would enable my publisher to create an index to a forthcoming book.  I found a very cool software program called  Hermetic Word Frequency Counter that really made the job easy.  The program reviews the entire document (in this case, a 400 page book) and lists every word in the document (other than a pre-set list of 100-odd words like "and" "or" "the" etc.) and the number of times that word appears.  The information is presented in descending order.  The program runs quickly, and it made a task that could have taken hours incredibly simple.

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter isn't free, but I think it was worth the $39.99 that I paid for a perpetual license.  Check it out here.

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