Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated....

Gentle readers--some but not all of you know that on January 1 of this new year, I took emeritus status at William Mitchell.  For many reasons, I felt the time had come to leave full time law teaching to allow more room in my life for other activities.  I don't plan to abandon the field of elder/disability law any time soon.  To the contrary--I will continue to co-edit this blog, update annually my treatise and casebook and work on new projects (e.g. a book on comparative elder law that I am writing with Issi Doron and Becky Morgan, to be published by Carolina in 2015).  I will also continue to edit the NAELA ebulletin and have committed to writing several articles and book chapters and giving some presentations in the coming months.  I am designing health law and elder law courses for a new Health Management and Policy masters program at Valparaiso (thanks, Linda Whitton, for making that contact for me!), and I hope to teach a short course with my friend and colleague Cheol Ung Je at Hanyang University in Seoul at some time in the near future.  I will be launching the Center for Elder Justice and Policy as an independent non-profit and I will also be working on a new intiative aimed at young adults with autism and similar disabilities (as some of you know, my son Colin is on the spectrum).  Stay tuned for more on these new adventures!

HcbaNevertheless, the time I won't be spending preparing and teaching regular classes will free me up to do some things I've wanted to for a long time--including pursuing my passions for photography and painting.  You've already seen, from time to time, some of my photography on the pages of the blog.  Look for more as I am able to devote additional time to my art!

Thanks for your support over the years.  I guarantee that the blog (which is almost nine years old) will continue to fascinate, imform, and amuse you, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of my co-editors, and my own occasional postings of whatever I run across that seems interesting.  Set the Elder Law Prof Blog as your home page, and you can be sure to have something useful to read every single day!


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