Friday, December 27, 2013

A Fitting End? 28 Years on the Run = 28 Years in Prison

John Donald Cody, Harvard-trained lawyer and purportedly once engaged in military intelligence, disappeared from his law office in southern Arizona some 28 years ago.  He was one step ahead of prosecution then -- suspected of stealing money from clients' trust funds.  Changing his name and location over the years, his crimes only got bolder and more trust-abusing.

In December 2013, 66-year old Cody, a/k/a Bobby Thompson and "Mr. X," came full circle, sentenced to 28 years in prison for a multi-million dollar fraud, operating a high-profile charity scam that he called the "United States Veterans Association."  

It is a colorful tale, and I just hope it is not made into a movie glorifying his misdeeds.  But, one colorful detail I cannot help but report:  Cuyahoga Ohio Judge Steven Gall also sentenced Cody to spend each Veterans Day of his prison time in solitary confinement.

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