Monday, November 11, 2013

The Generosity of the Elder Law Bar

In my experience, the Elder Law Bar -- those lawyers who work hard to help older adults and family members through the maze of options in deciding how to handle long-term care needs and end-of-life planning -- are also a warm, generous group of professionals to hang out with.  When you need an answer to a tough question on one of your cases, someone always takes that call.  When you need a speaker for a meeting, conference, or classroom, someone always volunteers, and then goes above and beyond, to provide a little something extra in terms of value for the audience.

Another example of the generosity of the bar occurred this semester in my Elder Law class, when a graduate of our law school, Robert C. Gerhard, Esq. stepped forward to teach a class for me when I was called out of town.  The topic was "setting up your own elder law practice," and Bob was full of practical advice, including both encouragement and appropriate warnings.  Bob is one of many great practitioners who have shared experiences with our students.

But Bob went above and beyond, providing each of the students in the class with a copy of the latest edition (2013) of his treatise, Pennsylvania Medicaid: Long-Term Care (Bisel Co.) 

I had a chance to review the book over the weekend.  It is a practical "bonanza," in the sense that it offers both narrative explanations of Medicaid law as practiced in Pennsylvania, and all of the key forms and hard-to-find informal state guidelines about the process.  It is the kind of book that is useful both to the public as a "first step" and fellow practitioners who need reminders about the many next steps.  Chapters 4, 5 and 6 are golden, using clear language to explain "achieving resource eligibility," the application process, and the ever-more challenging "estate recovery" rules. 

I hope all elder law and estate planning professors have alums and colleagues in practice who are both generous AND good writers.  Thanks, Bob!

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