Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tattoo you!

Photographs showing veteran BBC presenter David Dimbleby getting a black scorpion inked onto his shoulder have raised eyebrows across the country this morning.  But they shouldn't have, according to a leading tattoo artist – he is just one of a growing number of older Brits deciding to get tattoos in their 60s and 70s.  It is increasingly common for bankers, surgeons, multimillionaires and even policemen to get inked for the first time around the age of retirement, he said.  Older customers will often bring their children and grandchildren along to watch and can be in fits of giggles throughout the process.  The trend is being linked to the 1960s, with Brits who came of age in that carefree decade rediscovering their rebelliousness as they enter old age.

Kevin Paul, a celebrity tattooist, says he often works on people of a similar age to David Dimbleby in his Derby studio.  "Older people want to know about tattooing. We get people who are 60, 65 all the time. Often it is women coming in having their first tattoo," he said.  "I tattoo everyone from doctors to barristers to surgeons, multimillionaires. All these high-end people are getting tattooed now."  Older people tend to want "simple things" tattooed which represent family or children rather than anything "overboard", according to Mr Paul.  "There was a woman who [got one] for her 67th birthday. She had never had a tattoo before. She came in and got a butterfly on her a***, which was quite an eye-opener," he said.

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