Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Law Students Getting Hands-On Experiences

I’m at the conference on International Elder Law with Emphasis on Veterans Benefits (it is excellent, by the way). The host is Professor Jim Pietsch, Director of the U. of Hawaii Elder Law program. Jim has done a number of innovative programs throughout his tenure at the law school. One of these programs I’ve always found so clever is the “Nite of the Living Will” where the students do advance directives for elder Hawaiians on Halloween. How clever is that?

We do Wills for the Greatest Generation (a take-off on “Wills for Heroes”) where our students work with attorneys who volunteer for the Community Law Foundation (the local pro bono panel) and the St. Petersburg Bar Foundation. They provide simple wills and health care directives for veterans and spouses from World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Like the Nite of the Living Will, it gives students some great practical experience in drafting and working with clients. (Our students do not get academic credit, but can get legal pro bono hours toward Stetson’s graduation pro bono requirement). I know we are not the only schools doing something like this, so let’s hear from you. What programs are offered at your schools?

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