Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks for Long-Serving Colleagues

There is much to be grateful for on Thanksgiving, including family and friends.   I completely agree with Becky's wonderful words of appreciation when she expressed "thanks giving" for caregivers.  My thanks include my heroic mother (heading a caregiving team at age 88!), amazing sister and a whole team of talented additional folks. 

Let me suggest an additional focus for thanks giving this season: our long-serving colleagues in the law, whether they be senior faculty members, senior judges, or senior lawyers. Perhaps it is just a bit too easy for younger generations to overlook the fact that our paths have been blazed by others, including many who continue to serve, giving new meaning to "golden" years.

And in this spirit, I am grateful to one of my own colleagues, Louis Del Duca, who has served The Dickinson School of Law for more than 57 years.  He has been, and continues to be, a vital part of the development of national and international commercial law.  He is a role model for scholars to embrace and understand new theories and technologies, such as his work with on-line dispute resolution for consumer and business issues.  His legal scholarship also recognizes the importance of multiple audiences.  Professor Del Duca has written books and articles directed to students, consumers, academy-based scholars, practicing attorneys, and tribunals on local, state, national and international stages.  With his wife, Frances, also an attorney, the Del Duca home in Carlisle has been the site of many a warm and friendly evening with interesting collections of friends from the neighborhood -- or who are visiting from around the world.  Thank you, Lou and Frances.

I suspect most of our readers have colleagues equally deserving of appreciation and thanks during the Thanksgiving season. Best wishes to all on this special day.

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