Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review-A Short & Happy Guide to Elder Law

A while back I wrote a review of this addition to the Short & Happy series, and thought I'd share some of my thoughts about the book here.  (If you don't know about the Short & Happy Series, click here to learn more).   What follows is some excerpts from my review.

The authors, Robert Fleming & Professor Kenny Hegland,  are well-known leaders in the field with a wealth and breadth of knowledge, which they share in this book.  Having known these two authors for many years, having read their two earlier books, and having the opportunity on numerous occasions to work with Robert Fleming, both as a speaker and author, I was pleased to see their latest contribution to the field of Elder Law.  In addition to explaining the law, they offer practical advice for both professionals and clients. The authors describe their audience as wide and varied, including in it attorneys, law students, professionals within the field of aging, elders and family members. (pg. ix). 

The authors indicated they want the book to be "fun" and if you look at some of the titles of the chapters, you'll see their meaning: “Confronting the Elephant,” “Confronting the Angst,” “Sex and Driving” (pg. 39) and “Trusts: Legal Schmoos.” They intersperse jokes and poetry (pg. x) in the chapters to illustrate or enhance the points of law.  They also offer practical suggestions, such as in chapter 18 on nursing homes, mentioning how relatives need to be vigilant about the potential for resident abuse, they suggest an approach that they call the “cookies and thorns” option: “[b]ring cookies to the facility’s staff, and think of your job as being a constant thorn in the facility’s side.”(pg. 84).

One of the things that I think is most valuable in the book is the guidance it offers to  law students and attorneys on how to broach particular topics with clients.  Sample questions are even included in the book.  The book runs 154 pages and many of the chapters are written in a conversational tone.



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