Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Australia: New report says some facilities turn elderly into "zombies"

A new report highlighting the need for urgent action to improve residential aged care includes case studies of people being shackled, assaulted, sedated against their wishes and turned into "zombies".  Australian of the Year and Alzheimer's Australia national president, Ita Buttrose, today launched the report calling for good quality residential aged care to be the norm.  Quality of Residential Care: the Consumer Perspective acknowledges there are dedicated, compassionate people who work hard to provide quality care but notes there are instances of poor quality care.  In 2012 there were more than 220,000 people in Australia in residential aged care in more than 2700 facilities across the nation. 

"What worries me is that a minority of facilities are not providing good care, and that residents are not being respected and, in some cases, are subjected to physical or psychological abuse," Buttrose said.  "Since becoming president of Alzheimer's Australia many consumers have shared disturbing stories with me of physical, psychological and sexual abuse, inappropriate use of restraint, unreported assaults and people in extreme pain at end of life not having access to palliative care.  "The objective of the report developed by Alzheimer's Australia is to articulate the concerns of consumers, set out for discussion possible strategies to address them and to seek a higher priority for tackling them.

"It proposes strategies to bring providers, staff and consumers together to address the systemic issues in the aged care system that have led to breakdowns in quality care. Funding issues are important but equally so are the leadership and culture that respects the rights and dignity of older people. Common decency and respect costs nothing."

Source:  Brisbane Courier Mail

Full report here


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