Friday, November 15, 2013

Auditor General Details Mismangement of Home Care Worker Payroll Providers in PA

Think of state-subsidized home care as a form of "outsourcing" -- or at least that is how one state's top investigator reportedly described state payments for home care -- while citing serious concerns from a special audit for the funding system.

Pennsylvania's Auditor General released a Report on November 14 detailing "long-term mismangement" by the state's Department of Public Welfare of home care worker payroll providers, causing financial and emotional strain for care recipients and workers, while also "unnecessarily costing taxpayers millions in Medicaid dollars per year."  A press release explained:

“Thousands of people who provide services that help the elderly, and children and adults with disabilities, stay in their home — out of institutional care — went for weeks and months without a paycheck because DPW failed to provide adequate oversight and demand accountability of contracted payroll providers,” DePasquale said about the problematic transition in January from 36 payroll providers to Public Partnerships Limited LLC (Public Partnerships Limited), of Boston, Mass.


“Our audit found that problems with the transition caused so much fear and confusion that at least 1,500  people receiving home care services switched to a more expensive model of care that is unnecessarily costing at least $7 million more per year.”

The special performance audit opened in February 2013, triggered by "calls and complaints from home care participants and their direct care workers across the state."

According to PennLive news, the Public Welfare Secretary who took office this year believes many of the problems have already been fixed and the current system is working better.

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