Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AARP Foundation Ranks Among Chronicle of Philanthropy's "400"

20131103_113649This is the season for many nonprofits to encourage end-of-the-year giving. 

And along that line, I was interested to read in the October 24 issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, that AARP Foundation is No. 348 of 400 nonprofits ranked by the Chronicle for "raising the most money from private sources in 2012." 

What surprised me was an asterisk denoting 2012 as the first year that AARP Foundation was on the list.  AARP Foundation reported $61,600,212 in  "private support" for 2012,  a number that represents a 36.4% increase over the previous year.  At the head of the list was United Way Worldwide with just under $4 billion in private support, with Fidelity Charitable coming in at #2 with $3.2 billion.

The issue includes background on Fidelity Charitable's growth, pointing out that it was founded 22 years ago and recent growth is likely due to the "number of affluent Americans who are putting stock-market gains to work in their charitable giving."

According to the Chronicle, the rankings "reflect cash and product donations as well as stock, land and other gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations."  Further, the Chronicle explains the ranking is "designed to show which groups do best in appealing to donors," and therefore income from non-gift sources is not counted.  Future pledges are also not counted.

Despite gains for individual organizations such as AARP Foundation and others, according to the Chronicle, overall the 400 rated charities "grew just 4 percent, slightly more than half the gain in 2011."

AARP Foundation has identified four priority areas where it hopes to have the greatest impact in helping older persons: hunger, income, housing and isolation, with the work in these areas supported by a "longstanding commitment to legal advocacy on behalf of older Americans everywhere."  For more on AARP Foundation's legal advocacy roles, see here


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