Thursday, October 17, 2013

USA Today: Reporting on Thefts from Nursing Home Trust Funds

I have to admit that I pass over a fair number of opportunities to write in this Blog about problems in nursing homes. Experience tells me that nursing homes are on the front lines of the care battle, are heavily regulated (for good reasons), and are trying to do a tough job with ever decreasing resources.  There are problems, but the problems also exist with other forms of facility-based care that don't receive the same attention by regulators and the media. 

But today's USA Today's article on "Thefts From Nursing Home Trust Funds Target the Elderly," addresses a form of abuse that is particularly troublesome, in part because it should be darn easy to prevent with proper accounting safeguards for client funds.   Here's the opening to the story:

"The administrator at the Vicksburg Convalescent Center knew something was wrong when she saw the receipt: a $90 debit from a resident's trust fund account for a pair of designer jeans.


Of all the elderly residents at the 100-bed nursing home, Amy Brown figured, this one was especially unlikely to spend his savings on pricey pants.


Both of his legs had been amputated."

As Kim Dayton reminds us in her separate post, "October is Residents' Rights Month."  Of course, abuse is wrong on any day of the year.

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