Monday, October 28, 2013

India news: Parent dumping will not be tolerated in Guruvayur

Via the New Indian Express:
State Women’s Commission member Prof K A Thulasi held a sitting on the Guruvayur temple premises here on Friday following reports of rise in elders being dumped at the temple by their children.  Thulasi, who spoke to around 25 people, directed the Thrissur RDO to submit a detailed report regarding parents being dumped in Guruvayur.  Strict action would be initiated against those who abandon their aged parents in Guruvayur under the Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen’s Act 2007, which allows parents to take their children to court.  In cases involving children abusing parents and driving them out of home, asking them to part with their property or transfer them to their names, the transactions which took place after 2007, will be nullified, she said. 

A detailed report describing the plight of the elderly people in Guruvayur will be submitted to the government.  The report on the elderly will include recommendations  to set up more rehabilitation centres in areas which are vulnerable for these kinds of acts, Thulasi said.

Many of the elderly people to whom the Commissioner spoke on Friday expressed their willingness to meet their children and spend rest of their lives with family.

Read more in the New Indian Express.

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