Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Elder Justice: 9 Principles Recommended for Federal Involvement on Elder Abuse

At the LeadingAge annual meeting in Dallas, earlier this week, I attended a round table session hosted by representatives of the Elder Justice Working Group (EJWG), a component of the Elder Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC).  The two presenters sought response from the audience, which included individuals from CCRCs, nursing homes, senior housing authorities and other providers of senior living or senior care, to the EJCC's Principles for Action (developed from 9 proposals of the EJWG) aimed at improving national awareness and response to elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

Here are the first 3 of 9 Principles:

"1. Support the investigations and prosecution of elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation cases,

2. Support and protect elder victims by improving identification of elder abuse and enhancing response and outreach to victims.

3. Develop a national Adult Protective Services system based upon standardized data collection and a core set of service provision standards and best practices."

For addtional information on recommended federal action, including the other 6 principles, see details reported at the most recent, September meeting of the EJCC

Our LeadingAge roundtable session focused on practical concerns, including the frustrations felt by some in the room in reporting suspected abuse at a local level,  but seeing no response.

I was struck by the very diverse makeup of the individuals choosing to attend a session on elder abuse, both in terms of race and geography, drawing from Maine to Hawaii -- and on to Guam, and thus strongly supporting the EJCC's concerns about nationalized data collection and the need for standardized reporting.

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