Thursday, September 5, 2013

September is "World Alzheimer's Month"

Details on September as World Alzheimer's Month are available at the Alzheimer's Association's website.   Three key steps anyone can take to support global awareness of the importance of research directed to ending Alzheimer's and providing support for caregivers are:

  •    Go Purple:  Raise awareness by going purple to show your passion for the cause.
  •    Join a Walk:  Be part of an event in your area to raise funds for care, support and research.
  •    Share Stories that Inspire:  Alzheimer's Association offers stories of brave individuals who are making a difference in the fight to "#ENDALZ."

This week, NBC has been running a series on "The Age of Alzheimer's," hosted by Maria Shriver. The September 5 episode that aired on the Today Show told a heart-rending and (for me) disturbing story of a family, under the title "Alzheimer's Extracts a High Price on Caregivers, Too."   Lots to talk about in classes after watching that episode!  

Hat tip to Penn State Law student Katie Hagen for reminding me that September is World Alzheimer's Month!

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