Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Medicaid Planning Articles: A Potpourri

From a search on SSRN for recent academic articles using the words "Medicaid Planning":

Sean Bleck, Barbara Isenhour & John A. Miller (University of Idaho), "Preserving Wealth and Inheritance Through Medicaid Planning for Long-Term Care," (last revised 3/8/2013)

Gerry W. Beyer (Texas Tech) & Kerri G. Nipp, "Updated Primer on Lady Bird Deeds," (3/1/2012)

Diane Lourdes Dick (Seattle University School of Law), "Tax and Economic Policy Responses to the Medicaid Long-Term Care Financing Crisis: A Behavioral Economics Approach," (11/21/2010)

David Bernstein (U.S. Treasury Department), "A Discussion of Medicaid Eligibility Rules and Potential Reforms," (11/26/2008)

Richard K. Kaplan (University of Illinois), "Retirement Planning's Greatest Gap: Funding Long-Term Care," (6/22/2007)

Marshall B. Kapp (Florida State University), "Medicaid Planning, Estate Recovery, and Alternatives for Long-Term Care Financing: Identifying the Ethical Issues,"  (12/22/2006)

Certainly many big names, but a bit surprising not to find a larger number of recent articles?


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