Friday, September 6, 2013

Elder Law Across the Curriculum

For those of you who know me, it won't be surprising to you that I advocate that elder law cuts across all the topics in a law school curriculum. So I am frequently trying to sweep my colleagues into the vortex of elder law by convincing them to cover elder law-related topics in their courses (at some point I will tell you who I have convinced so far). 

One of my colleagues and dear friends is an internationally recognized environmental law prof.  For years I've been cajoling him to cover some elder law topic in his classes...but without success. I, however, have learned about fairy shrimp and vernal pools (I've helpfully included links in case you are curious or avoiding class prep), carbon offsets, mitigation banking (a curious concept to me) and wetlands to name a few.  The statutes have all kinds of interesting acronyms, but I'm not listing them here because I can't remember them.

Not to be deterred (because it does seem like it's a one-sided "trade" going on here), I have kept after him, and last year I had a breakthrough...he conceded the point about all things elder law with the "green cemeteries" movement. Ok, well, I guess that is a start, but I haven't convinced him yet to include it in his course or to write about an elder law-environmental law topic (which is really when I feel I have the elder law hooks into the colleague).

The other day, as we were carpooling to school (that's environmental and I was driving a hybrid and I'm "elderly"---at least compared to him--but still that does NOT count), I started in on him again. This time around I added an inducement....if there was a connection, then I could mention his book in this blog...he took the bait and started googling a wetlands elder law hostel he knew about before we even got to school.  So although he isn't talking about it in his class, nor has he committed to writing about it, I figure it's just a matter of time.  He just needs a little more pushing from me. 

So in return here is a shameless colleague promotion, Royal C. Gardner, Lawyers, Swamps and Money.  I can get you an autographed version if you want--perhaps that will be the final trick to convince him to write in the elder law field.


Do any of your schools have other courses that are integrating elder law into the course coverage? Let us know.

 Becky Morgan

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