Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Upcoming Webinar: Defining and Delivering “Disability-Competent Care”

Leading Healthcare Practices and Training:
Defining and Delivering “Disability-Competent Care”
The CMS Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office is facilitating a webinar series for interested providers and health care professionals, front-line staff with health plans and practices, and stakeholders to introduce and explore the many uses of the Disability-Competent Care (DCC) Model.  The DCC model is a resource for providers, health plans, and healthcare organizations to enhance capacity to integrate care for adults with disabilities.  Webinars will be tailored by audience and topic within this subject area.
Meeting the needs of persons with disabilities is of increasing importance as individuals live longer and the prevalence of adults with functional limitations and disabilities rises. With this in mind, this webinar will present the Disability-Competent Care model which is centered on the individual, delivered by an interdisciplinary team, and focused on achieving and supporting an individual’s maximum function.  Providers serving adults with disabilities developed the care model. 
This webinar series, and subsequent presentations geared toward specific audiences (e.g. front-line staff), will also seek the input from participants regarding how best to disseminate these and other Disability-Competent Care resources to healthcare professionals who connect with adults with disabilities at all points in the healthcare delivery process.
Please contact  or if you have questions in advance of this event.
The Disability-Competent Care model was developed by the Disability Practice Institute (DPI).  DPI is founded by three plans: Commonwealth Care Alliance, Community Health Partnership, and Independence Care System.  The Lewin Group, under contract with the CMS Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office, partnered with DPI to create the Leading Healthcare Practices and Training: Defining and Delivering Disability-Competent Care webinar series.
Interested participants are encouraged to pre-register for each webinar in the series here.

Participant Dial-in #: (866) 615-1886 Access Code: 301728
Date (first webinar): Wednesday September 4th, 2013
Time: 2 – 3PM EDT
All presentations will be recorded and available for download.

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