Sunday, August 25, 2013

Legal Hotline Connection

The latest edition of the Legal Hotline Connection, from the Center for Elder Rights Advocacy, features the following articles:

  • Outcomes/Follow Up Project from the Georgia Senior Legal Hotline
  • The Ideal Hotline Attorney by Robert Carowitz, Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors
  • Introduction to 2013 CERA Annual Report
  • Top Tech Tips for Hotlines by Kari Deming, Counsel and Advocacy Law Line
  • ACL/AoA Announces Recipients of Model Approaches Cooperative Agreements 

Other items of interest include

  • Notice of Annual Meeting for the National Association of Senior Legal Hotlines
  • Upcoming Webinar on September 10th at 2pm: Using Technology to Enhance the Impact of Legal Hotline Services
  •  National Aging and Law Institute 2013 Conference is November 7-9 in Washington, DC 

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