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Have you seen this website on Gerontechnology which is home to the website and journal for the International Society for Gerontechnology? The website defines "gerontechnology" as "designing technology and environment for independent living and social participation of older persons in good health, comfort and safety."  The mission involves advancing "technological innovations in products and services that address older peoples' ambitions and needs on the basis of scientific knowledge about ageing processes including cultural and individual differences." Some of the Journal articles are available for free while others require subscriptions.

The University of Missouri Center for Eldercare & Rehabilitative Technology has an interdisciplinary group who "focu[s] on investigating, developing, and  evaluating technology to serve the needs of older adults and others with  physical and cognitive challenges." A number of the papers produced are available on the website (although I confess some concern topics that are far beyond my knowledge and comprehension).

The advances in "geri-tech" (or "elder-tech") fold nicely into the conversations about aging in place, "smart homes" and other types of supportive housing. It also makes us think about the technology used to monitor a person's safety and brings up other issues when using technology, such as consent, privacy, contract issues, costs, and more.  We are seeing more articles about private applications of technology, such as drones, also known as unmanned aerial systems.

One of my favorite sources it the Aging in Place Technology Watch. You can subscribe to the blog, access infographics, find resources, review studies and reports on trends, and more. The blog on August 18th, titled "Crisis avoidance with web cameras and other technology – why not?" discusses the use of webcams in nursing homes, supportive housing and in elder's homes.

Are any of you including a discussion on this type of technology in your class discussions?

Becky Morgan

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