Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby Boomers...again

Or perhaps I should title this one, Baby Boomers, still....because we are not even close (imho) to the end of stories about the boomers (disclosure--I'm one of them, are you?). As I tell my students, there are two things they need to remember about the Baby Boomers: (1) there are a lot of us and (2) we are "precious"...

So, the July 17th, 2013 Wall Street Journal MarketWatch published a story on the "Ten Things Baby Boomers Won't Tell You..The Aging Me Generation is still putting itself first."  This was one of the Ten Things stories routinely published. For some of us, the descriptions may be uncomfortable, but even if you don't agree with the ten poinst (such as  they (we?) are poor savers, don't face the reality of aging, get divorced, are unhappy etc.), each section contains some links to reports and studies that would be helpful to our teaching and research.  A few weeks later, a response, In Defense of Baby Boomers,  was published in the Bangor Daily News by Ellen Wooley as a special to the newspaper, offering a different take on the Ten Things list. 

I tell you about these two stories, not because of the focus of those stories, but because of the opportunity Boomers present for us as legal academics. These won't be the last stories about the Boomers, guaranteed, and we have an interesting opportunity to observe, teach and write about  the changes to laws, programs and life as the Boomers move through their (our?)  final third of life.  I'm still convinced that Paul was the cute Beatle. Now let's all go read the  Ten Things Generation Y won't tell you:  For the babies of the baby boomers, it's top 1%  or bust."

Boomers ROCK!!!!!

 Becky Morgan

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