Friday, February 20, 2009

The ABA wants your book proposal!!!

Frolik Larry "The  Dude" Frolik (Pitt) writes:

   The ABA Senior Lawyers Division is eager to publish your book. If you have an idea for a book or a concept that might become a book, consider submitting your idea to the ABA Senior Lawyers Division for possible publication. I have published two books through the ABA Senior Lawyers Division and was very pleased with the process and the books that were published.
    ABA Book Publishing is a first rate enterprise with excellent editorial support that helped me to publish my books in a professional and timely manner. I was even asked to help select the book cover. The post-publication promotion of the books has been very good. The ABA uses book publications as a means of creating revenue for the Sections and Divisions and so is very aggressive in promoting its books.
    As an author you benefit from those sales because every book sale yields a royalty for you. You, as author, and the ABA are essentially partners in seeing that the book is successful.
    ABA Book Publishing creates trade publication paperbacks, which means the book is printed and distributed soon after you finish the manuscript. Throughout the process the turnabout time is short and the editors very professional. The result is a handsome product that will bring you pride of authorship and hopefully some additional income.
    If you have any questions about publishing with the ABA, please feel free to contact me or you can contact Catherine A. Kruse at ABA Book Publishing. Her phone number is 312-988-6112 and her email is
    Remember. You don’t have to have a fully developed book idea to initiate a discussion about publication. The ABA will work with you to bring your concept into a published book.

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