Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cool new teaching resource: 1000 Voices Video Archive

The 1000 Voices Archive,, is a new online teaching resource for law educators.  Recently launched, this is a national collection of video stories created by filmmakers and communities across the country that helps to put a human face on the policy issues that your audience may find useful in their classrooms and clinical practice.  Each video story is accompanied by a set of "social dialogue" and advocacy tools, which help demonstrate to students how personal testimonial stories can be presented and leveraged for policy impact.

By 2009, the 1000 Voices Archive will contain the selected stories of 1000 Americans as they evoke the values they cherish most.  Focus issue areas for 2008 include health care, immigration, human rights, and racial justice. Please feel free to share the availability of this resource with your readers, and view some of the videos as well. 

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My favorite so far:

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