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Call for nominations: National Aging & Law Award

Call for Nominations

The 2008 National Aging and Law Conference (NALC) will take place December4-6, 2008.  A highlight of the NALC is the presentation of the National Aging & Law Award at an Awards Dinner Thursday evening, December 4th.

We invite you to submit a nomination for the 2008 National Aging & Law Award.  The 2008 Award will recognize ­Outstanding Achievements, at a National Level, in the broad arena of Law, Aging, and Social Policy.  We hope you will assist in focusing public appreciation on notable, national-level efforts to advance law, aging and social policy.

Below, please find
(1)   a page with additional information about the 2008 award including background, instructions for submitting nominations, and contact information for questions; and
(2)   a nomination form with selection criteria (Note: you may generate your own form so long as the requisite information is provided).

Thank you,

The Sponsors of the National Aging and Law Conference

AARP Foundation, ABA Commission on Law & Aging, National Senior Citizens Law Center, Center for Medicare Advocacy, The Center for Social Gerontology, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, National Consumer Law Center, National Association of State Units on Aging.  Note: In 2009, the National Aging & Law Award will recognize Outstanding Contributions at the State and/or Local Level.

Background, Instructions and Selection Criteria


The National Aging and Law Award, given in the spirit of the previous Arthur S. Flemming Award (national advocacy) and Paul Lichterman Award (state/local advocacy), honors individuals who have made significant contributions to justice for older persons.  The award rotates between recognizing outstanding achievement ­
*  in Law, Aging, and Social Policy at the National Level, and
*  in Legal Services and Elder Rights Advocacy at the State and Local

The 2008 Award will be for:  Outstanding Achievements, at a National Level, in the broad arena of Law, Aging, and Social Policy.  An Awards Committee representing the National Aging & Law Conference (NALC) co-sponsors, will review nominations and select the awardee.

Instructions for Submitting Nominations

Deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, September 26, 2008.

The Nomination Packet may not exceed 15 pages, and should include one copy
* A completed Nomination Form/Narrative explaining how the candidate meets each of the four selection criteria (5 pages maximum);
* Letters of support (minimum of three and maximum of five support letters, with a 2-page maximum per letter.)

Eligible Candidates:  Nominees may not be ­
*   current employees or Board members of any of the NALC co-sponsor organizations;
*  former employees or Board members of NALC co-sponsors who have been gone less than two years from the time of the nomination; or
*  past recipient of Flemming, Lichterman, or National Aging & Law Award.

Selection Criteria:  Candidates will be judged on the basis of their national contribution in championing the rights of older Americans. They will be reviewed in terms of four specific criteria listed on the Nomination Form/Narrative (can be downloaded at

To Submit a Nomination: Go to and download the Nomination Form/Narrative. (Or you may generate your own document so long as you provide all the information called for on the Form.)
Then submit your completed Nomination Form (maximum of five (5) pages) along with 3-5 support letters as indicated below.

Where / How to Send.  Our preferred method of submission is via email, however you may also send one copy of your completed nomination packet to:

Brooke McCreary, Program Assistant
The Center for Social Gerontology
2307 Shelby Ave., Ann Arbor, MI  48103
(Our preferred method of submission is to this email address)
fax: (734) 665-2071

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