Thursday, March 29, 2007

Last WWI female vet passes away

In 1916, Charlotte L. Winters called on the secretary of the Navy and asked why women weren't allowedWw1_2 to enlist.  A year later, she had begun her military career.  This week, Mrs. Winters - the nation's oldest female military veteran - died in her sleep at the Fahrney-Keedy life care community in Boonsboro. She was 109.  "She is the last female World War I veteran," American Legion spokeswoman Ramona E. Joyce said yesterday.  With Mrs. Winters' death, there are only four surviving U.S. veterans from the "war to end all wars," according to the Scripps Howard News Service, which tracks living veterans of that war. Since the beginning of the year, six - including Mrs. Winters on Tuesday - have died.

Read more about this extraordinary woman in the Baltimore Sun.

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