Friday, March 23, 2007

Indiana-Indiapolis law prof to assist state in developing long term care strategy

A team of experts from Indiana University will help the state devise a long-term strategy to confront theKinney growing cost of health care and possible changes to the way it is delivered in the state.  The group will hold a series of public hearings in late spring or summer aimed at developing a single plan that tackles three problems: the rising cost of health care, uneven quality of care and the growing number of Indiana residents with little or no insurance.  “We want to build consensus around some policy options,” Eric Wright, director of IU’s Center for Health Policy, said in announcing the initiative Wednesday with Family and Social Services Administration Secretary Mitch Roob.  Wright will lead the IU team with Eleanor Kinney, co-director of Hall Center for Law and Health at the IU law school in Indianapolis.  Experts in health administration, economics and medicine also will participate.  Wright noted that Massachusetts and California in recent months have put forward their own plans to provide universal health care, but no solution is going to fit every state, so Indiana must develop a plan particular to its needs.The plan would look into the future as far as 25 years, but if it comes together in time, the plan could go before the General Assembly next year.

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