Wednesday, October 18, 2006

AZ Supreme Court published book for elders and families

Within the week, the Arizona Supreme Court will publish a free law book for seniors and their adult children.  The book instructs on how to prevent and battle elder abuse, deal with Social Security issues, trusts, funeral planning and senior driver's license issues, among other things.  All Maricopa County courts and most Walgreens pharmacies in the state soon will carry the 16-page book. Several Arizona chapters of the AARP are endorsing the publication.
The Arizona Supreme Court modeled its guide after a widely popular senior law guide from California.  Advice in the book is specifically tailored for Arizona law.  Additional copies of the book may be obtained by contacting Nancy Swetnam of the Arizona Supreme Court at (602) 452-3362.

Source: AZ,

Ed:  Everything you need to know about elder law in 16 pages!  And to think I've been using a 700 page casebook and a 600 page statutory supplement!

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