Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not elder law: World's oldest Scotch up for grabs...

A 150-year-old bottle of whisky, possibly the oldest in existence, is set to go under the hammer for thousands of pounds.  Experts say the pale gold spirit is drinkable and could even taste better than when it was bottled.  It is estimated to go for between £5,000 and £10,000, although experts say intense competition could push up the price.  Although nobody knows the precise date, the whisky was bottled by distillers Glenavon, which records show existed for just two years in 1851 and 1852, making the nectar at least a century and a half old.  Part of a family collection in Ireland, its female owner has entered the bottle into the 29 November auction of fine wine, port and spirits at Bonhams in London.  It is understood to be the first time in history the olive-green glass bottle has been offered at auction.  The label reads: "Glenmavon, Special Liqueur Whisky Bottled by the Distillers." The bottle is slightly smaller than the familiar 75cl vessels used today.  Competition at the auction is set to be fierce, with collectors jostling with bidders such as pub owners hoping to own the oldest bottle of whisky in the world, say Bonhams.  Bonhams consultant and world authority on whisky Charles MacLean, said the appearance of the whisky suggested it could even taste better than when it was bottled, but said he hoped it would never be tasted.

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