Wednesday, November 23, 2005

TOC: Elder Law Journal

Here's the TOC for the next issue of The Elder Law Journal (published at the University of Illinois)

Top Ten Myths of Social Security Reform
Jeffrey R. Brown, Kevin A. Hasset & Kent Smetters

Disparate Impact or Negative Impact?: The Future of Non-Intentional Discrimination Claims Brought by the Elderly
Sandra F. Sperino

Predicating Dignity on Autonomy? The Failure to Question the Ethics of Tagging and Tracking Dimentia Patients with GPS Technology
Karen Eltis

Upcoming Notes

The Resurrection of the Death Tax: Decoupling and the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
Kevin M. Bohl

Elder Electors Go Postal: Ensuring Absentee Ballot Integrity for Older Voters
Jessica A. Fay

Say What?  How the Patient Self-Determination Act Leaves the Elderly with Limited English Proficiency Out in the Cold
Catherine J. Jones

The Inability of World War II Atomic Veterans to Obtain Disability Benefits: Time is Running Out on Our Chance to Fix the System
Melinda F. Podgor

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