Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Cost of Compassion: How the Government Supports Special Needs Children’s Programs

Idea CaptureSpecial Education Degrees asked me to share their new infographic with you this morning. It breaks down the cost of delivering education to students with special needs and what the government is and is not doing to address it.  It is also followed by a list of resources for parents and advocates.  The full infographic is available here.  I must note that while my reading of their materials and links is that it intends to be supportive of families of students with special needs, some of the language used (along with the title) could be read to frame the cost of special education in a negative light.  It labels it a "burden" on the federal government, states, and families.  I hope it was not their intent to suggest these children are burdens.  To the extent it does, this post is not an endorsement.


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