Friday, December 20, 2013

School Districts Bringing New Funding Lawsuit Against Louisiana for Cost Adjustments

Early this summer, teachers, school boards and parents challenged the funding mechanism  for Louisiana's voucher program before the state supreme court and won.  The court held that the funding mechanism impermissibly diverted funds away from public schools.  In a new lawsuit, nineteen school districts are taking their complaints one step further and challenging the sufficiency of their per pupil allotments from the state.  Their claim is premised on the fact that the state's formula does not include a growth factor.  Currently, the state allots a minimum foundation program.  If that amount is the constitutional minimum for year 1, which seems to be the reading of prior courts, it would necessarily need to increase for year 2 if there was any inflation, population growth, etc.  The districts are seeking at 2.75 percent growth factor, which would amount to $200 million statewide.  Details on the case are short right now.  The plaintiff districts appear to be focused on encouraging other districts in the state to join the suit.

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