Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Slowly Disappearing African American Male at UCLA

A group of UCLA African American males, led by Sy Stokes, an African American Studies student, created a video to call attention to the dwindling diversity at UCLA.  The basic facts as they see them are that only 660, or 3.3%, of the 19,838 males enrolled at UCLA are African American.  And 65% of those 660 are athletes.  The numbers were even worse for the entering class in Fall 2012.  Only 48 were African American, or just over 1 percent of the entering class.  They also point out that the graduation rate for African American males at UCLA is only 74%, so only 35 African American males from that entering class will be expected to graduate.  They then point out that the school has 109 athletic national championships, more than twice the number of African American males in the entering class.  Based on this, they levy the charge that the school only sees African American males as important to increasing the school's athletic winning percentage.  



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