Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Florida District Takes Steps to Reduce Discipline Disparities and Law Enforcement Referrals

Broward County, Florida, School District has taken a punitive approach to discipline in the past and the results have been racially disparate.  African American students, for instance, were suspended at twice the rate of whites and at high levels of frequency.  To make matters worse, the district frequently referred students to the criminal justice system, or sought its involvement.  Yesterday, the school district entered in to a memorandum of understanding with various other state agencies and actors, including the police department, to reach different results.  The goal is to do away with “zero tolerance,” involve the police only as a last resort, and rely on less punitive forms of discipline.  The district and police have reduced their decision making process into a flow chart.  As you will notice, the flowchart tries to route discipline into the no-arrest category, even in regard to student conduct violations that require consultation with the police.  To avoid arrests, it asks whether, for instance, the matter could be resolved by talking with the parents or referring the students to problem solving team or a community based program.  Of course, the success of this shift will not be borne out by simply producing a flow chart, but by the individuals administering it and their willingness to take these alternatives seriously.  This agreement, however, is the first major step in that direction.


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