Thursday, October 17, 2013

New York City School-Justice Task Force Releases Report

Locality based reports on the school to prison pipeline are mounting, which is a good sign for the movement’s organization.  I missed it when it first came out in May, but the New York City School-Justice Task Force has a report out, much like the one I recently posted for South Carolina.  The New York report’s overarching recommendation is to “Develop a Mayoral-Led Initiative that Establishes a Shared Goal among Agencies, in Collaboration with the Courts, to Keep More Students Safely in School While Reducing the Use of Suspensions and School-Based.”  To that it adds several specific recommendations relating to a

  1. implementing a “graduated response protocol;”
  2. building “improved capacity across schools with supports to implement positive discipline strategies and reduce reliance on suspensions, summonses, and arrests;”
  3. focusing the “role of school safety agents;”
  4. improving “educational planning for court-involved youth;” and
  5. improving educational re-engagement for placed and sentenced youth.”

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