Thursday, October 10, 2013

Commonplace and Brazen Use of Racial Epithets by School Officials: Part II

Two weeks ago, I posted on the resignations of two school officials (the superintendent and athletic director) outside of Philadelphia, stemming from their brazen use of racial epithets in text messages.  New accusations have just arisen from one of the whistle blowers, who says that the new acting superintendent was also involved, at least, tangentially in the texting.  The whistle blower indicates that the texts by the acting superintendent were not racist, but "personally demeaning and uncalled for."  When questioned, the acting superintendent denied that she had received or sent any racist or sexist text messages from the former officials who resigned.

Understandably, the community remains outraged by the acts of its former officials and is dissatisfied with how the school board has handled the situation.  I guess it does not help that it has now come out that the board agreed to a $70,ooo payout in vacation and sick time to the former superintendent when he resigned.  I also doubt the public will be happy when it sees the price tag for the public relations firm the board is purportedly trying to hire to help them get a control on this news story.

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