Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Signs Heading Toward Congressional Hearing on Voucher Program in Louisiana?

The letters, political pressure, and rhetoric over DOJ's lawsuit to enjoin Louisiana's voucher program continue to flow.  A letter by the House leadership was addressed to Eric Holder last week.  The letter requested an explanation and rationale for the lawsuit, as well as all of documents, communications, and the like related to the case.  Senator Lamar Alexander followed the House's letter up with one of his own, asking Holder to withdraw the suit.  Eric Cantor also added in his public statements that "The Attorney General will have to explain to the American people why he believes poor minority children in Louisiana should be held back, and why these children shouldn't have the same opportunity that the children from wealthier and more connected families."  Alyson Klein, of EdWeek, speculates that this sounds like the House may be ready to pull Holder before a hearing and ask him "to raise his right hand."


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