Tuesday, September 10, 2013

School Desegregation Documentary

Bussing CaptureThe New York Times ran a story on the long history of desegregation and busing in Charlotte-Mecklenberg, which set off the national debate on busing.  Charlotte also encapsulates the national narrative of desegregation.  Charlotte became one of the most successfully and longstanding desegregated school districts in the nation.  But when released from court ordered desegregation in 1999, the district resegregated along neighborhood school lines, although some remnants of the integrated system continue to exist.  The Times story also includes a great 10-minute documentary with a lot of historical footage and current interviews.  Sadly missing from the video is Julius Chambers, Charlotte's civil rights hero who lead the litigation  He passed away last month.  For LaJuana's post on him, see here.


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