Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is the End in Sight?: Mixed Messages in DOJ Suit Against Louisiana Voucher Program

Monday DOJ filed a motion to amend its complaint in the ongoing saga over Louisiana's voucher program.  Some interpret this as a softening of DOJ's position from an attempt to block the voucher program to a simple attempt to monitor and verify that the program is operating in compliance with desegregation orders.  In addition, if this is a position shift, DOJ indicates it is only in response to Louisiana's new-found willingness to comply with information requests and be otherwise cooperative.  These two events suggests a deescalation that will allow the parties and the courts to address the merits in the case and remove it from the daily news feed.  Governor Jindal, however, is still displeased, calling DOJ's recent actions and statements a "PR stunt" and "disingenuous."  I wonder whether it is Jindal who is enjoying the politics and media coverage of this dispute.  Maybe, he doesn't want this case to fade into the legal process and an analysis of the merits.  Regardless, this finally seems to be where this case is heading.

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