Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Virginia's Annual K-12 Education Reform Summit Held Yesterday

Currently embattled Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell held his second education reform summit yesterday and you can watch some of the speakers on UStream here. The summit is a bellwether for Virginia's education reform laws and featured influential speakers such as Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Baltimore Superintendent S. Dallas Dance. (No Jane Pauley or Pitbull, though, who were at July's National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.) Looking over the Virginia summit's speakers list, it appears that few current public school teachers or administrators were invited to speak (and in fairness, perhaps no one wants to put public employees at risk losing their jobs by advocating educational reform). Gov. McDonnell credited last year's summit for inspiring several of the state's education laws this year, including the Educator Fairness Act (making student testing a part of teacher evaluations and extending the probationary window for public school teachers from 3 to 5 years) and the Strategic Compensation Grant Initiative (grants for performance and for teaching in high-need areas). In July, Gov. McDonnell signed the Teach for America Act (creating a two-year provisional license for participants in Teach For America); the Opportunity Educational Institution Act (school takeover); and A-F School Grading. Read more at the Washington Post.



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