Friday, August 30, 2013

The Life and Educational Odds for African American Male Students


The San Francisco Chronicle is running an in-depth four part series on African American males in Oakland Unified School District.  The articles chronicle real day life for the students both inside and outside school.  It also include statistical data and analytical commentary.  As the chart above reveals, there were more than twice as many African American men and boys killed in 2002 as there were college ready African American males.  This college versus death comparison, while grim, pales in comparison to the incarcerated versus college ready data in Oakland.  

To the school district's credit, it recognized the crisis and created a special department to address it,  the African American Male Achievement Office, which has special classes and programs. Although the trend in improvement started before the formal creation of this office, the number of college ready African American males has tripled in comparison to the 2002 numbers and quadrupled in comparison to 2003.  Sadly, the deaths among this group have stayed relatively steady, but those numbers are beyond the full control of schools.  In other words, violence and death continue to surround these young men at an alarming rate, but the school district is doing a better of helping some defy the odds.

The full series is available here.

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