Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ED Warns Three States Warns that Their NCLB Waivers Are at “High Risk”

The Department of Education has warned Kansas, Oregon, and Washington that their methods of evaluating teachers place them at risk of losing their No Child Left Behind Act waivers. While all three states’ waivers have been approved for this school year, the ED sent the three states letters last Wednesday stating that their NCLB waivers are at “high risk” if they fail to meet federal compliance standards next year. Kansas, Oregon, and Washington are among 40 states, D.C., and eight California districts that have received waivers from NCLB’s most demanding requirements, particularly the Adequate Yearly Progress measurement. Kansas, Oregon, and Washington got in trouble by having teacher evaluation plans that did not meet federal NCLB waiver standards. The ED says that if it takes the unusual step of withholding money for noncompliance with NCLB waiver agreements, the cuts will likely be from administrative funds rather than Title I programmatic grants. Read more at Education Week here.



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