Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dallas School District Faces Teacher Vacancies and Superintendent Strife

In an earlier post about Teach for America, I mentioned the Dallas Independent School District's (DISD) urgently holding job fairs to hire 2,000 new teachers. The situation just got a bit more pressing. DISD reportedly needs about 700 more teachers, including replacing 200 Spanish-language teachers from other countries whose work visas have expired. According to the Dallas media, 1,700 teachers resigned, retired, or received contract non-renewal notification from the DISD this summer. The president of the Dallas chapter of the National Education Association, Angela Davis, told CBS's local station that teachers were leaving the DISD because "they feel like they’ve been bullied, because of the micromanagement from the head down.” DISD Superintendent Mike Miles responded to some of the resignations by writing letters to 150 Texas school districts asking them not to hire teachers who resigned without giving the DISD adequate notice.

Miles is currently under investigation by the DISD's Office of Professional Responsibility. Miles allegedly removed a winning vendor's contract bid from consideration at a school board trustees meeting because it was not the vendor he favored and then allegedly obstructed the subsequent investigation. Last month, DISD hired U.S. Attorney Paul Coggins as an independent investigator. Miles was criticized earlier this year for firing principals at failing schools while not having a superintendent certificate required by state law himself. Miles told the media yesterday that his wife and son are returning to Colorado Spring to avoid negative press about him. Miles was a school superintendent there before coming to Dallas.


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