Monday, June 10, 2013

The Cause of the Continuing Collapse of a Major California School District?

Inglewood banner131Inglewood Unified School District has struggled financially and with student enrollment for some time. The state of California took over the school district last year after the school had run a multi-million dollar deficit.  The take-over, however, has not stopped the deficit or the loss of students to charter schools.  In fact, the state is now openly discussing dissolving the district entirely.

Many have charged that the district's failures are a result of longterm mismanagement, but a new Los Angeles Times article posits that the abundant supply of charter schools in the district may be the culprit.  To be more precise, the article suggests a viscious cycle in which Inglewood School District's shortcoming have fed charters and charters have fed the districts shortcomings.  It also points out that whatever the problems, they were not caused by the parents and students who now suffer the consequences.

This propensity for this symbiotic relationship and its destructive force on public schools and innocent parties is also analyzed in my forthcoming article, Charter Schools, Vouchers, and the Public Good.


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