Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recent scholarship

Student learning in law school is the theme of this week's selected scholarship roundup, starting with Cassandra L. Hill's (TSU-Thurgood Marshall Law) The Elephant in the Law School Assessment Room: The Role of Student Responsibility and Motivating Our Students to Learn (Howard Law Journal, 2013). In The Elephant in the Law School Assessment Room, Professor Hill makes a straightforward proposal: "law professors and law schools must do more to effectively assess students’ responsibility for, and contributions to, their own learning, development, and eventual mastery of substantive law, lawyering skills, and ethical considerations." Professor Hill's article is available at SSRN here.

In One Small Step for Legal Writing, One Giant Leap for Legal Education: Making the Case for More Writing Opportunities in the 'Practice-Ready' Law School Curriculum (2013), Sherri Lee Keene gives law schools a path to "bridge the gap that currently exists between legal theory and practice in legal education." Professor Keene (Univ. of Maryland Law) offers concrete suggestions how law schools can help its students apply the law by incorporating more legal writing opportunities throughout the curriculum. Professor Keene's article will be published by Mercer Law Review and is available at SSRN here.

R. Lisle Baker (Suffolk Law) and Daniel P. Brown (Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School) apply an interdisciplinary approach to the issue of law student engagement in On Engagement: Learning to Pay Attention. While "student success in law school requires intense and sustained attention," the authors note that students experience attention lapses as early as the first thirty seconds of a lecture with ever-increasing lapses throughout the session. The authors suggest ways to quiet the legal mind, including "pure concentration training as the foundation for attention skill development." Professors Baker and Brown's working draft is available at SSRN here.

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